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Tarsem SEMO Kang

Tarsem Kaur Kang, affectionately  known as "Semo" by her loved ones was born in the Punjab region of India in 1950.  In 1973 she immigrated to Canada with her first son to join her husband who had made the moves a few months earlier.  Later she gave birth to a daughter and another son in Vancouver, BC. and fully integrated into Canadian culture and educated her loved ones on the importance of service and volunteering to provide help and aid to the world around you.

Along the way she advocated for her remaining family back in India in attempts of a better life and opportunities in Canada and was successfully joined  by her Mother, Father, Sister and two Brothers in 1977.

Semo was truly passionate about fundraising and bringing attention to those that may not have had the means on their own.  Whether it was to help a family member, a neighbor  or orchestrating fundraising drives to provide aid to the less fortunate back in India, she became the driving voice and a difference maker in many people's lives.

She left us with many lessons on the importance of getting involved in the local community and seeking opportunities to make a difference.  Now our family and volunteers, known as SEMO's Army will carry out missions on her behalf and look forward to bringing joy and happiness to families just the way Semo would have in her time.  

We pledge to honour her wishes and  carry on with her mission.  Semo's voice will continue to make a difference and we invite you to get involved in our quest to bring relief to those in need of food, clothes and shelter.

Thank you,
Kang Family